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Solutions for the State that’s on the move.

Transcore is a Western Australian consultancy specialising in Traffic Engineering, Transport Planning, Strategic Planning, Policy Analysis and Project Management.

In today’s complex and demanding world, the enhancement of community lifestyle, delivery of successful project outcomes and commercial success relies upon the capacity to harness imagination, commitment to excellence and technical skill. Transcore offers such a blend of capabilities to government agencies, private-sector companies and other clients.

Transcore understands today’s requirement for project solutions that are cost-effective and practical, yet oriented towards the enhancement of people’s lives through the provision of affordable infrastructure and services that tangibly improve the standard of living of communities throughout Western Australia.Transcore’s goal is to contribute to the success of its clients through the establishment of a professional relationship built on mutual respect, trust and confidence, and by delivering technical knowledge derived from significant engineering and multi-disciplinary planning experience.

The best project solutions reflect a complex reality and require sound project definition, planning and management, often combining engineering science with social, political, environmental and economic considerations. Transcore provides a comprehensive repertoire of capabilities to successfully address your planning and engineering project requirements at the regional, metropolitan and/or local neighbourhood scale.

Our range of professional capabilities includes:

Transcore offers its clients a unique blend of extensive technical expertise, client empathy, and commitment to excellence, tempered by a pragmatic edge that will ensure that our clients achieve their objectives

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