Traffic Engineering for the City of Subiaco

Thursday, 19th Jul 2012

Transcore has been commissioned by the City of Subiaco to provide traffic engineering services for the subdivision of the Bosich site at 20 Roydhouse Street in Subiaco. As part of this study Transcore has prepared a Paramics microsimulation traffic model to assess different road network and access options for the site.

PARAMICS microsimulation modelling combines traffic engineering expertise and presentation capability, with 3D animations, therefore it is a good tool for decision makers and community to visualise and evaluate how effective a projected measure might be, regardless of whether a new road or intersection treatment is going to be constructed or an existing road being closed.
The microsimulation model was prepared for the weekday PM peak hours (16:00 to 18:00), and includes the traffic that would be generated from the Bosich site, Australian Fine China (AFC) site, existing residential developments to the north of the Bosich site and the through traffic.

Different road network options were identified during a community workshop which was held at the City of Subiaco. These options have been tested in the Paramics model. The preferred option provides good accessibility to the site and minimises the level of rut running through the local streets and has been presented to the City and the community. The modeling results were presented at the second community workshop.
The following video shows the updated Paramics model in operation for 22 minutes of the PM peak hour (16:45 to 17:07), to illustrate how traffic will flow within and around the modeled study area in future.