Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre Traffic Modelling

Wednesday, 3rd Dec 2014

Transcore was commissioned by Stockland to undertake Paramics microsimulation modelling for the proposed expansion of the Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre on Safety Bay Road in Baldivis, WA. The modelling was undertaken to satisfy a development approval condition for Stage 2 development at the Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre, located in the rapidly growing southern suburb of Baldivis, in Western Australia.

The extent of the modelled existing road network included sections of Safety Bay Road, Norseman Approach, Burlington Drive, Settlers Avenue and Nairn Drive. Transcore undertook a traffic survey of the subject site on Thursday 18th April 2013, during which traffic turn volumes, signal phasing observations, queue length observations and general driver behaviour were collected for the purpose of model calibration and validation.

A total of six road network options were coded and tested in the project case Paramics model. These road network options included two traffic scenarios which have been modelled in EMME by Transcore in previous traffic studies.

The following video shows the Paramics existing calibrated base model in operation for the PM peak hour.