Baldivis Activity Centre Structure Plan and Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre

Tuesday, 18th Aug 2015

Transcore has been involved with structure planning and a number of development applications within the Baldivis Activity Centre on Safety Bay Road since 2009. This has included preparation of transport assessment reports for the Baldivis Activity Centre Structure Plan itself, as well as for Stage 2 development of the Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre and development applications for two fast food outlets along the Safety Bay Road frontage of the site.

Transcore has also assisted Stockland with surveys and analysis of parking requirements at the shopping centre site.

Detailed analysis of Safety Bay Road intersection requirements was requested by the City of Rockingham, so Transcore undertook Paramics microsimulation traffic modelling of the Nairn Drive, Settlers Avenue and Norseman Approach / Burlington Drive intersections along Safety Bay Road. The modelling indicated the Nairn Drive roundabout will ultimately need to be replaced by traffic signals to cater for future traffic flows when this area is fully developed. More information and a video showing the microsimulation traffic model can be found here.


Baldivis Activity Centre Structure Plan